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FD Disk Conversion

Our Media and Data Interchange system provides the following services:

  •  access data from thousands of  floppy disk formats.
  •  duplicate data onto the same or different output
  •  convert data for use in different systems and software
  •  data recovery
  •  CD-R mastering, copying and archiving
  •  write bespoke routines and much more.

Advanced features include:

  • Support for all legacy and current floppy disk drives, including 8", 5", 3.5"(Amstrad\Maxell) and 3" Locoscript Amstrad.
  • Read and write over 2,000 floppy disk formats across the myriad of hardware platforms and operating systems
  • User-defined translation tables to cope with specific code conversion jobs
  • Protocols, sophisticated filters for converting the more complex modern word processing file structures
  • Record Reformatter, designed exclusively for 'structured' data allowing the redefinition of mainframe type records
  • Automatic Running, an internal database providing a reliable and consistent method of running repetitive data conversion tasks

One Touch Computer Services can convert to or from several thousand disk formats. Please contact us to find out if your logical disk format is currently supported.

    Call Us for a Quotation on: 0845 838 7768 or email: sales@onetouchcomputers.co.uk
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